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How to operate a mini excavator?

Operation method of mini excavator
It is by no means a simple matter to run an excavator well. There are many points that must be paid attention to during the operation process. From the purchase and transportation of the excavator, to the selection of the project, the selection of the operator and the maintenance, it is all up to you. The links that need to be considered in operating a mini excavator, what skills do you need to operate a mini excavator? Let’s take the mini excavator as an example, and the old driver will teach you five points of experience.

How to operate a mini excavator?-Mini Excavators For Sale - Rippa® China Manufacturer
Purchase of Mini Excavator
Operating a mini excavator actually starts from the stage of choosing to buy an excavator, and the excavator is the tool for making money in the future. There are many things to consider when buying a mini excavator, such as the market reputation of the brand excavator, failure conditions, approximate operating costs, basic fuel consumption, maintenance cycle, etc. If you are not sure, you can consult a friend who is familiar with Xiaodi. Another point that must be considered when purchasing a mini excavator is whether to choose an imported mini excavator or a Chinese mini excavator.

How to operate a mini excavator?-Mini Excavators For Sale - Rippa® China Manufacturer
Operator choice of excavator
If you are the owner of an excavator, it is particularly critical to choose the operator, which directly affects the service life of your excavator and the reputation of your work. Be careful when choosing a machine operator, don’t choose an apprentice who has just graduated from a teacher or a machine operator who doesn’t care about excavators just to save a few hundred dollars. If the work of the mini excavator is not good, it will affect the future business. Of course, as a boss, you must take into account the feelings of the mobile phone operator, and you should not be too picky or put on airs, so that the mobile phone operator can work without emotion. It would be better if you are both the boss and the operator.
Engineering Selection Skills for Mini Excavation Equipment
For the operation of mini excavators, before contracting the project, it is necessary to estimate the cost, and you must know what to do to earn money. Here are four lessons for you:
(1) It is not easy to contract earth and stone works. What is under the soil is unpredictable. If someone asks you to dig a foot in, it may take a whole day, which is time-consuming and laborious.
(2) The construction period of the mini excavator is generally relatively short. Before each construction, it is necessary to check it out. It is not worthwhile to toss a day for two hours.
(3) Working in the countryside is not less profitable than in the city. First of all, ordinary people seldom default on wages, and only come back to you to work when they have money. The common people are not as savage as the contractors in the city. If you do well in the common people’s house, other people in the village will find you to do it.
(4) If you are working in a mountainous area, it is necessary to have a breaker. The work of digging the foundation is often inseparable from the hammer.

How to operate a mini excavator?-Mini Excavators For Sale - Rippa® China Manufacturer
Mini Excavator Safety
Friends should all know that micro excavation and mini excavation are mainly used in rural areas, municipal engineering, water conservancy projects, etc., and frequent site transfers are required, which is inseparable from trailers. First of all, the trailer you choose should not be too high, as it is easy to rub wires if it is too high. Secondly, it is recommended to park with an air brake. If there is no air brake, you must put stones on the wheels of the trailer when digging up and down. Safety is the most important thing; , the wheelbase of the trailer should not be too long, otherwise it will be very difficult to get on the curve.
Maintenance of mini excavator
Maintenance is a step that cannot be ignored in the operation of excavators. Whether maintenance often affects the service life of excavators. Filling the vehicle with butter, draining the oil tank bottom, checking the engine oil, draining the oil-water separator, and checking the coolant are all necessary links for daily maintenance. Premature wear of the fuel system (oil pump, nozzle) is mostly caused by improper daily maintenance of the operator; remember to blow the air filter and radiator when you have time, and the maintenance cycle of the excavator must be completed on time, so as to ensure Excavators last longer.

  How to operate a mini excavator?-Mini Excavators For Sale - Rippa® China Manufacturer

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